• Tuition Fee: The student will be eligible for just one payment which will cover both the tuition fee and some of the living expenses (maintenance costs).
    • Masters: For the academic year 2023-2024 the maximum a student can get is £11,836 which will cover the university and the living cost. The tuition fee differs from university to university. But we can give an example: if the tuition fee for the university is £6,500, the rest £5,336 will remain for the student expenses.
    • Postgraduate Doctoral: For the academic year 2023-2024 a student can get up to £27,892 to support their studies.
  • Maintenance Loan: There is no separate maintenance loan for postgraduate students.
  • Grants: 
    • Disabled Students’ Allowance: is the only grant available for postgraduate students. And it is intended to support the study-related costs incurred to the student due to a mental health problem, long-term illness, or any other disability.