Study in Austria

Why Austria?

Austria is an ideal destination for students seeking high-quality higher education in Europe. It is recently becoming a popular destination for international students with around 5000 international students seeking study permits in 2021. Not only is it affordable compared to other high costing study destinations like the UK or the US, it also offers the highest quality of life globally. Degrees from Austrian universities are well-recognized all-around Europe.

Austria is recently becoming a popular destination for international students with around 5000 international students seeking study permits in 2021.

  • Academic excellence: Austria has some of the best universities in Europe known for their research excellence and innovation. You can choose from a wide range of programs, from engineering and natural sciences to humanities and social sciences.
  • Multilingual society: While German is the official and most popular language, Austria also recognizes other regional languages such as Hungarian, Slovenian, Croatian, and Romanian. Moreover, it is also common for people to communicate in English when needed.
  • Viennese coffee culture: The famous Viennese coffee culture that dates back to the 17th century, opens you to a new world of engaging with artists, intellectuals, and academics who frequently use cafes for the purpose of socialization and exchange of ideas.

Key Facts

Key Attractions

  • Schonbrunn Palace
  • Belverde Palace
  • The Hofsburg
  • Stephen’s Cathedral
  • Fortress Hohensalzburg (Salzburg)


  • Tafelspitz
  • Apfelstrudel
  • Weiner Schnitzel

Leisure Activities

  • Café Central (Vienna)
  • Volksgarten (Vienna)
  • Museum of Natural History of Vienna (Vienna)
  • Austrian Gallery Belverde (Vienna)

Tuition costs

  • Tuition fees in Austria are as low as close to EUR 726 annually in public universities, and many universities offer scholarships and grants to international students. More information regarding tuition costs can be found here.

Living costs

  • Monthly rent ranges from €350 – €500 depending on the city and your choice of accommodation. Student halls and hostels usually cost slightly lower than arranging your own accommodation privately. In Vienna the rent can be closer to the higher range and in other cities it can be closer to the lower range.
  • All other costs for food, travel, leisure etc range from €300 – €400 depending on how you are spending. It is good to mention that university cafeterias do offer discounted meals for students which are really helpful for students with budget constraints.

Job Prospects

  • Students possessing valid residence permit are allowed to work 20hr/week. While there are a few opportunities here and there to work with english language, knowledge of german language can help immensely in order to find jobs easily
  • After graduation, the study visa can be converted to a job search visa that allows the student to stay in Austria for no more than 1 year. Upon a successful job hunt it can then be converted to a work permit, if you are able to find a sponsor.


  • Austria has a moderate climate with four distinct seasons. The average temperatures range from -5°C in the winter to 25°C in the summer, with some regional variations. It is usually colder in the regions around the alps.
  • As an international student planning to move to Austria for studies, it is important to come prepared with jackets, gloves and scarfs for colder winter days and light breathable clothes for warmer summer days.