Scholarship guidance

Scholarships are financial aid awards intended to assist students with the cost of their undergraduate or graduate education. Scholarships are granted based on numerous criteria that typically reflect the donor’s or award’s founder’s principles and goals.

Occasionally, a scholarship is a one-time payment. Some academic awards are renewable and provide funding to students each semester or academic year.

Should you apply for a scholarship?

There is intense competition for a small number of awards, but it is good to submit an application for those that are relevant to you. You should begin your research early because some scholarships require you to submit an application up to a year before the commencement of your study.

In addition, there are hundreds of scholarships available, and a couple of days of work may result in a free semester of study abroad. Many students believe they don’t have a chance, yet scholarship winners are typically those who are prepared to invest time and effort into the application process.

Disclaimer: This is NOT the official scholarship page. This is merely a page with scholarship materials. While we attempt to keep the material up to date and correct, it may change at any time without notice. For accurate and updated information, please always refer to the official website of the scholarship provider.