Top 5 Courses in Demand in Poland for International Students

Top 5 Courses in Demand in Poland for International Students

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Considering to study abroad? Well, Poland can be an ideal option. The reason it’s one of the best countries is that it’s the 9th largest country in Europe, enriched with history, diverse cultures, and astonishing educational opportunities.

Whether you want to study medicine, engineering or IT, choosing a course that best suits your preferences and interests is crucial as it will pave the way for a successful and rewarding career.

In this blog, we will discuss the top courses in Poland, job opportunities, approximate tuition fee and how much you will be able to earn in the future.



The field of medicine has always been the most popular and demanding course in Poland. There is no doubt in saying that it held a high regard for its noble purpose of serving and healing humanity. With the latest advancement in medical research, Poland offers comprehensive medical courses which help students become professional healthcare personnel.

Business CoursesJobs ProspectsAnnual FeeAnnual Salary

– Medical Biotechnology

– Applied Biotechnology

– Veterinary Medicine

– Physiotherapy

– Medicinal Chemistry

– Medical Doctor/Physician

– Surgeon

– General Practitioner

– Specialist Doctor

– Medical Researcher

– Medical Consultant

€10,000 -€15,000€40,000-€52,000



As the law is a pillar of society, it ensures that the rights and responsibilities of citizens, institutions, organisations and individuals are protected. Once enrolled in the course, you will be provided with legal education, principles, procedures and regulations regarding various legal domains fostered with critical thinking.

Whether you wish to become a legal consultant, criminal defence lawyer or corporate lawyer, you can choose and tailor the course that best aligns with your career goals and preferences. You can choose from a wide range of universities providing the highest standards of qualification.

Business CoursesJobs ProspectsAnnual FeeAnnual Salary

– International Law

– International Commercial Law

– Investment and Finance

– Business Tax Law

– Law with Politics

– Legal

– Consultant/Advisor

– Notary

–  Legal Officer in Government

– Legal Aid Lawyer

– Legal Entrepreneur

– Prosecutor




Engineering is one of the best courses to study in Poland as it provides various opportunities and benefits for students. No matter what course you take, each one is well-designed and structured which will not only provide you with theoretical but also practical skills and expertise as well.

Furthermore, as a student, you will have access to several modern facilities, the latest laboratories and facilities, paving the way for a rewarding engineering career.

Business CoursesJobs ProspectsAnnual FeeAnnual Salary

– Power Engineering

– General Engineer

– Industrial and Engineering

– Civil Engineering

– Biomedical Engineering

– Electrical Engineering

– Environmental & Land Engineering

– Mechanical Engineering

– Management and Production


– Mechanical


– Civil Engineer

– Electrical Engineer

– Chemical Engineer

– Industrial Engineer

– Aerospace Engineer

– Research and



€2,000 – €8,000€25,000 – €50,000

Computer Science

Computer science

In today’s fast-paced industry and digital era, there is no place that remains untouched by IT, making the field evergreen, dynamic, and ever-evolving. Studying computer courses in Poland will open doors to a host of opportunities, exciting job prospects and unlimited possibilities.

From cybersecurity to software development, the field offers an array of careers; on top of that, once enrolled, you will be provided with high-tech research facilities, cutting-edge programs and professional and qualified faculty. A computer science course will allow you to achieve remarkable success in your career.

Business CoursesJobs ProspectsAnnual FeeAnnual Salary

– Computer Engineering

– Software Development

– Artificial Intelligence and         Data Science

– Computer Systems and         Network

– Management and Artificial     Intelligence

– Data Analyst

– AI Engineer

– Strategic Cloud Engineer

– Software Engineer

– Data Engineer (Python)

– Machine Learning Engineer

€2,000 – €6,000€27,000 – €50,000

Business Management


One of the top courses for international students is business management since it offers many prospects for entrepreneurs and future leaders. A wide range of courses are available in business management such as human resources, finance, or marketing.

After graduating, Polish universities will have you ready in terms of leadership, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities.

Business CoursesJobs ProspectsAnnual FeeAnnual Salary

– Customer Relationship               Marketing Program

– International Business               Management

– Business and Finance                Management

– Management &                           Production Engineering

– Engineering Management: Managing Enterprise of the Future

– International Business               Management

–       Business Analyst

–       Marketing Manager

–       Project Manager

–       Human Resources                            Manager

–       Operations Manager

–       Management Consultant

–       Financial Analyst

–       Supply Chain Manager

–       Business Development                    Manager

€2,000 – €8,000€15,000 – €40,000

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