Top 5 Most Popular Courses in Australia for International Students

Popular Courses in Australia for international students

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Australia is becoming one of the leading and emerging study destinations worldwide with around 40+ universities and 1000 institutions. Qualified specialisations, fields and disciplines make the country the best sought-after education destination for international students. This drives hundreds of thousands of students to take admission and study in Australia.

Undoubtedly, each student’s core purpose is to attain education, acquire skills and get a meaningful job. Therefore, before you enrol in any course, it is essential to remember that job opportunities are directly linked to the course you are about to study.

In this article, you will find the top 5 Top courses for international students, their annual fee and salary expectations in Australia, allowing you to select the right programme according to your goals and preferences. 


Considered a gateway to the corporate world, MBA is the top course studied by fresh graduates in Australia. Master’s in Business Administration has several sub-domains like information management, entrepreneurship or marketing. Several universities provide learners with the opportunity of completing the course in different timeframes such as 16 months or 3 years.

MBA CoursesJobs ProspectsAnnual FeeAnnual Salary

· MBA in Marketing

· MBA in Finance

· MBA in Human Resources

· MBA in Operations

·  Marketing manager

· Sales Business analyst

· Data analyst

· HR Manager

· Operations Manager

· IT Manager

$28,000 – $48,000$ 85,000 – $130,000


Engineering has been an evergreen and the most popular course among students. Students have the opportunity to choose from a wide range of the engineering courses to study in Australia. Universities have designed engineering courses according to the industry’s requirements, enabling you to succeed in your future careers.

Engineering CoursesJobs ProspectsAnnual FeeAnnual Salary

· Structural engineering

· Electronics engineering

· Aeronautical engineering

· Agricultural engineering

· Structural engineering

· Project Manager

· Cost system analyst

· Industrial and Construction manager

$40,000 – $50,000$ 90,000 – $110,000


The majority of employment openings in the Australian economy are for accountants, which makes it one of the best Courses in Australia chosen by students. After all, all organisations and businesses require an accountant to manage their taxes and finances. This being said, whether you choose a bachelor’s or a diploma, accountancy is the best choice to embark upon a rewarding career.

Accounting CoursesJobs ProspectsAnnual FeeAnnual Salary

·      Bachelor of Commerce

·      Professional Accounting

·      Certified Practising Accountant

·      Chartered Accountants programme

·        Accountant

·        Financial Manager

·        Financial Adviser

·        Auditor

·        Tax Agent

·        Budget Manager

·        Financial Assurance and Compliance Manager

$34,000 – $70,000$ 78,000 – $100,000

IT – Computer and Information Technology

Nowadays, all businesses and industries remain untouched by CS and IT. Once enrolled in an Australian University, you will be provided with quality education along with a course-based framework, training and thesis.

Therefore, if you have problem-solving and strong analytical abilities, then this course is the right fit for you. Consequently, you will not only earn a good salary but also will be able to work for national or international leading technological firms as it is one of the most demanding courses to study in Australia.

IT CoursesJobs ProspectsAnnual FeeAnnual Salary

· Information and Technology

· Computer Science

· Computing and Cybersecurity

· Software Engineering

· Computer System and Networking

· Database Administrator

· Software developer

· Information security analyst

· Programmer

· System analyst

· Data Scientist

·IT Project Manager

$20,000 – $45,000$ 78,000 – $125,000


Nursing is also one of the most rewarding courses and professions in Australia; all of us are aware of the importance and value of healthcare. Once you have completed the course, you will be able to promote healthcare and have extensive knowledge and competencies to provide quality care to others.

Nursing CoursesJobs ProspectsAnnual FeeAnnual Salary

· Bachelor of Nursing

· Master of Nursing

· Graduate Diploma in Nursing

· Diploma of Nursing

· Postgraduate Certificate and Diploma in Nursing

·     Registered Nurse

·     Nurse Practitioner

·     Clinical Nurse Specialist

·     Mental Health Nurse

·     Community Health Nurse

·     Nurse Manager

$20,000 – $35,000$ 77,000 – $103,000

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