Top 5 Scholarships for International Students to Study in the UK

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You can turn your dreams into reality by investing to study abroad in the UK. A prestigious degree from a prolific university in the UK provides a transformative experience that can take your education and employability to the next level.
However, studying abroad can break the bank including tuition, living and transportation fee wherein a scholarship for international students make things convenient for you and your education. The UK’s government provide financial aid for international students in the UK by offering a large number of scholarships.

Here are the top UK university scholarships for international students:


The Rhodes scholarship, which gives students from all over the world the chance to study at Oxford University, is the oldest and the most prestigious scholarship provided by the UK. Therefore, this scholarship is perfect for those eager to study at Oxford University. Though academic, travel and accommodation costs can hamper our dreams, with Rhodes scholarships you don’t have to worry about anything.

Qualities of an Ideal Candidate:

  • Completed their undergraduate degree from a renowned university with an extraordinary academic record including extracurricular activities and a strong record of leadership. 
  • GPA must be 3.70 or more.
  • Aged between 18 and 27.
  • Talented and have exceptional skills in fields like sports, art, writing or theatre,  
  • Possess soft skills like honesty, sympathy, or benevolence,
  • Other than that, the eligibility criteria vary from country to country; remember to check yours before following. 

What Will You Obtain?

  • Rhodes scholarship is a fully-funded scholarship which covers the entire course fee,
  • It also provides an annual stipend as well to help you manage your food, transport, and accommodation expenses,
  • Furthermore, it also covers the health insurance charges of the students under IHS (International Health Charge),
  • On top of that once selected, you will also be provided with two economy-class airfare tickets.

For students who aspire to be admitted to Oxford, this scholarship is a life-changing opportunity.


Chevening scholarships are one of the most popular and competitive scholarships. These scholarships are offered by the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office and partner organisations to students with strong academic backgrounds and leadership qualities. 

Qualities of an Ideal Candidate:

An ideal candidate to receive a Chevening scholarship would be someone who:

  • is ambitious, passionate and dedicated,
  • Has leadership potential, 
  • Has strong academic achievements under their belt,
  • Has earned excellent grades and achievements in various fields and disciplines. 

What Will You Obtain?

Through a rigorous selection process, only suitable applicants are selected by British Embassies and high commissions worldwide. Once selected, you will receive tuition fees, living expenses and return flights to the UK. Not only that, you will have access to exclusive talks, workshops, networking events and much more. So, if you are eligible for any master’s degree, you can apply for a Chevening scholarship and benefit from a wide range of professional and academic experiences.

You may visit Chevening’s official website to check your country from the dropdown list.


Commonwealth scholarships are given to those students who belong to a commonwealth country and cannot afford tuition and living expenses to study in the UK. This scholarship funds postgraduate programmes in various study formats for international students.

Qualities of an Ideal Candidate:

To apply for a Commonwealth scholarship, you must:

  • Be a citizen or a permanent resident of a commonwealth country, 
  • Be a refugee or British-protected person,
  • Have an undergraduate honours degree,
  • And if you are to pursue a PhD, you must have a master’s degree,
  • Without the scholarship, you must not be able to pay to attend college in the UK.

What Will You Obtain?

You can profit from it regardless of the kinds of awards provided by the Commonwealth Scholarship. If you are a suitable candidate and selected, they fund travel (two economy class tickets), tuition fee and allowance. However, the scholarship does not provide for your grants or accommodation.

Furthermore, they also provide a child allowance every month along with aid and financial support. In winter, you will also be provided with an additional allowance for woollen clothes. 


Jointly funded by the UK government’s GREAT Britain Campaign and the British Council, GREAT scholarships provide unique opportunities for international students from 14 shortlisted countries to gain access to UK higher education. Currently, there are 49 participating universities across England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. However, the participating universities may differ based on the student’s country of origin.

What does the scholarship offer?

A one-time contribution of £10,000 towards the tuition fees for a wide range of one-year taught postgraduate courses.

Eligible Countries:

Bangladesh, China, Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Thailand, Turkey, and Vietnam.

Qualities of an Ideal Candidate:

  • Be motivated, and have an interest in their chosen field,
  • Be keen to establish a connection with the UK as a scholar, through personal and academic fulfilment,
  • Willing to maintain contact with the GREAT scholarships team and the university after their graduation and act as a GREAT scholarships ambassador.

What Will You Obtain?

Other than the one-time tuition fee contribution for your course, you will get lucrative social experiences which will help you grow academically and professionally. Other than that, international students will have an opportunity to participate in welcome and networking events, helping you to engage with others effectively. 

Information regarding applying for the GREAT scholarships can be found on the website of each participating university.


The Clarendon scholarship is offered by the University of Oxford to exceptionally brilliant students from around the world. The fully-funded scholarship is ideal for talented minds who otherwise cannot afford to come and study in the UK.

Qualities of an Ideal Candidate:

  • For the Clarendon scholarship, students are shortlisted based on academic excellence and research potential,
  • Must possess a well-researched portfolio that matches their goals, interest and expertise,
  • Must have leadership qualities with strong communication skills,
  • Must be talented enough to clearly articulate their ideas in writing and interviews.

What Will You Obtain?

Clarendon scholarships provide noteworthy benefits for an eligible student, including:

  • Your entire tuition and college fee will be covered,
  • You will be provided with the annual grant for your accommodation expenses for the period of fee liability,
  • You can apply from any country around the world and apply for any course of your choice.

To sum up, we can say that studying in the UK is itself a prestigious experience which also instils students with a high level of confidence. However, some students cannot afford to study abroad; this being said, the UK provides a range of scholarships for students around the world. So, whether you belong to Asia, Europe or any other continent, you can apply for a scholarship that best suits your demands and preferences. 

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