Top Destinations for International Students: Best Countries to Study Abroad

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Undoubtedly, there are a lot of reasons which makes students interested in spending study abroad time in one of the top countries worldwide. With so many options to choose from, it can be hard to choose one university that matches all your preferences and ticks all the boxes. Therefore, it is best to conduct a thorough and complete research before you start applying.

We understand that students always seek a better culture experience, a top-notch education   and bright job opportunities, and choosing from an enormous ocean of opportunities can be overwhelming. Fret not, through this blog, you will be able to filter out the best country to study abroad, where your potential will soar and aspirations will fly.


Australia, a well-established country, is first in our list for good reasons; it offers a wide range of opportunities, making it an attractive destination for international students. Whether it is University of Brisbane, University of Queensland or University of Melbourne, the place is ideal for students searching for a perfect social life balance and university work.

Here, students can enrol and pursue a career in any major be it business, humanities or IT, implying that they have an excellent education system; they not only focus on theory based but also research based work and learning which makes students think out of  the box.

However, when it comes to the tuition fee and cost of living, comparatively, it is higher than most of the countries. For international students, Australia can be extremely expensive and therefore one should budget around £30,000 for tuition fee and living expenses.


One of the excellent and beautiful destinations to study abroad with prolific institutions, multi-culture communities, historical landmarks and ample job prospects is the Great Britain. On top of that, it has the most esteemed educational institutors like University of Cambridge, University of Glasgow or University of London. So, whether you want to study law, theology, mathematics, or information technology, the UK provides a smooth transition for international students when it comes to studying abroad.

On the other hand, when it comes to the annual tuition fee and living cost including food, rent and transportation, the students can expect to pay more than £10,000. However, if you are on a budget, there are some cities in the UK like Glasgow, Cardiff, or Sheffield with pocket-friendly accommodations.


Undoubtedly, USA is among the top destinations to study abroad for those seeking world-class destination. USA is popular due to its top-notch universities, cutting-edge technology and research facilities. From state universities to Ivy League institutions, the country offers enrich environment introducing diverse cultures, beliefs and backgrounds fostering professional, personal and academic growth.

As far as the tuition fee and living cost is concerned, it varies from state to state; however, international students may find affordable community colleges or public universities such as Mississippi, Wyoming or Texas. Therefore, if you are on a budget, do your research and find the right combination for you and your wallet.


Switzerland has a high-quality life, thus, high-quality education which makes it one of the best countries regarding academic reputation. If you are interested to pursue a career in life sciences, finance, engineering or hospitality management, Swiss universities are ideal. The reason being, they put enough emphasis on strong industry connections and practical education in these fields so that students can achieve hands-on experience and valuable networking opportunities.

Another reason to choose Switzerland for studying abroad it’s multilingual and multicultural environment; it has four official languages – French, Italian, German and Romansh – which provides a great opportunity for students to immerse themselves in a diverse cultural and linguistic landscape.


It will not be fair to not include Canada in the list of best countries to study abroad. It is the most prominent and sought-after destination due to its welcoming atmosphere, inclusive society, academic excellence and state-of-the-art research facilities. Besides from its exceptional educational system, most international students choose Canada due to its breath-taking landscapes, multi-cultural community and vibrant cities.

Whether you want to study engineering, environmental sciences, computer sciences, business administration or healthcare, Canada excels across all disciplines. Additionally, compared to other English-speaking countries, Canada is considered to be an affordable option regarding tuition fee and living expenses.


Germany is another sought-after country to study abroad and is a perfect destination because it has two of the most significant business and academic hubs in Frankfurt and Munich. On top of that, Germany puts great emphasis on innovation and research facilities and offers a wide range of programmes covering various disciplines which captivates students’ interests from around the world.

Besides academics, those students who want to expand their cultural horizons, Germany – centrally located in Europe – will allow them to travel to neighbouring countries.


Now that you know the best countries to study abroad you can make your dream come true by choosing the one that best suits your preferences and interests be it Canada, Germany, UK, or Australia.  Wherever you go and whether you head for a four-year programme or a semester, you always gain more experiences than just an academic qualification, making you stand out from other students when it comes to potential job prospects. 

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