How to Prepare for a UK University Admission Interview

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Are you considering studying at a UK university? Or have you found your desired course to study abroad? Then, excellent grades might not be enough for you; international universities may require you to attend and pass an admission interview to see if you are the right fit. There can be several reasons why universities require students to attend an interview, especially international students, such as how well your communication skills are or how committed and passionate you are.

No matter the reason, it is always a good idea to stay well-prepared so you can ace the interview and get into your desired university in the UK without a hitch.

1. Consider the Type of Interview

Generally, there are two types of interviews; evaluative and informative. While in an evaluative interview, you may be asked about your performance or experience, in an informative interview, the admission officers will most likely ask questions to know you while simultaneously telling you about their university. Undoubtedly, your interview will contain both types of questions, therefore, you must prepare yourself accordingly.

2. Get Ready to Answer some Common Interview Questions

Besides ‘tell me about yourself’ you will probably be asked why you chose to study a particular subject at a particular university. This is especially true if you are studying abroad, the admission officer will be interested in inquiring why you choose that university and country.

Tell them about your planning and try to keep your answer precise and not overdo it, let your answers flow naturally.

3. Know Your Subject Properly

Another significant point to remember is to keep yourself well-informed about your subject. You must be prepared to answer your motivation and inspiration for enrolling in your chosen programme. You can demonstrate your interest and to do that, you can talk about the latest news, research and developments in your subject.

4. Remember to Read the Course Information

Whichever programme you choose, ensure to go through the university’s website, prospectus and faculty to get a complete idea of your course, its entry requirements and other elective/optional courses being offered. Once asked, not only it will show that you have done thorough research but you can ask questions about the things that have not been covered in the course yet.

5. Dress Appropriately and Arrive Early

Although university admission interviews are often informal, it’s always a better idea to wear something comfortable, looking smart yet formal; in this way, you will make a good first impression.

Furthermore, if you are going for an in-person admission interview, ensure to know the exact location and how much time you are required to get there.

On the contrary, if you are attending an online interview, make sure to charge your laptop, keep a spare device for backup – in case things go sideways – and look presentable.

Note: Always arrive 10-15 minutes early.

6. Be Confident and Be Yourself

Undoubtedly, this is easier said than done; fret not, try to present yourself as best as you can because keeping a positive attitude sometimes prove to be more valuable and beneficial. There is no doubt that an interview is a sort of test but speaking politely and confidently will set everybody at ease, making things much better and seamless. 

To conclude, interviews can be quite challenging and overwhelming for everyone; however, we assure you that these tips will help you ace your admission interview for any international university. Just remember to plan, research, highlight your skills and keep a positive attitude.

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